A touch of the Jewish Heritage of Bulgaria

The Danube City of Silistra

Meet in the lobby by your private tour-guide . Then you will board your private car/minibus/van and leave Bucharest for  Calarasi. After the ferry crossing the Danube (from Chiciu to Ostrov ) you will arrive in  Silistra a Bulgarian port town lying on the banks of Danube River. In Silistra you will have your first stop in order to  homage at the grave (the grave was discovered on the banks of the Danube River, built as a place for memorial-religious complex in his honor ) of Rabbi Eliezer Papo. Eliezer Papo was a Jewish rabbi from the late 18th and early 19th century, one of the 12 most honored rabbis. Eliezer Papo was born in Sarajevo, but lived and worked in Bucharest as chief rabbi, physician and philosopher. During the Russian-Turkish War in 1829 arrived in Silistra, where he rescues the local population from the exploded in the camp of the Russian army cholera epidemic, creating quarantine “belts” and infirmaries on their fellow citizens.

Because of its proximity to patients, however, becomes infected and dies.

A mikveh (ritual bath) was also recently built there for the use of pilgrims.

After  a short time at leisure ,  you will head back to Bucharest


OPERATING  DAYS  :  from Sunday till Friday 

DURATION  : aprox. 9 hours ( depending on the  Romanian – Bulgarian and Bulgarian – Romanian customs control and the bridge crossing traffic )

OPERATING HOURS:from 08:00 till 17:00 (On Fridays from 07 : 00 till 16 : 00 )


  • private licensed professional tour-guide
  • private transportation ( modern and safe car / minivan / van )
  • ferry crossing taxes
  • bulgarian road taxes
  • private driver
  • parking fees


  • small donations at the Bulgarian Jewish Sites


  • in the lobby of your hotel


  • in the lobby of your hotel


1/  The ferry – crossing of Danube depends on the weather conditions (example : if it is fog or storm the law does not allow the crossing ) and on the water level…If the weather conditions do not allow the Danube crossing , you will reach Silistra by crossing the Friendship bridge ( the same itinerary used for the return   )

2/ We do not suggest this tour for the tourists which have to leave Bucharest – OTP airport on the very same day of the tour as in very rare situations the tour can last longer due to the customs control , danube crossing and / or bridge crossing traffic   !