aprox 2 h 30 minutes                     

With only about 4,000 members of the Jewish community left in Bucharest today, it is rather difficult to imagine that in 1930 it represented up to 11% of the entire city’s population. The Jewish quarter was severely affected by the Fascist pogrom in the 40s, followed by the demolitions initiated in the 80s by the communists, with most streets simply wiped out and 6 synagogues and Jewish temples demolished. Nevertheless, some emblematic buildings have survived and are here to tell   their stories.  

THE  TOUR  INCLUDES :         

–    The CHORAL TEMPLE   ( interior  visit )

the main synagogue / best known monument of Jewish heritage in Bucharest

It was built in Moorish style between 1864-1866. The Leopolstädter Temple, once the greatest synagogue of Vienna, which was destroyed during the Kristallnacht on November, 10th 1938, served as a model for the Choral Temple.

  • The GREAT POLISH SYNAGOGUE ( interior  visit )    which houses the Holocaust Museum
  • The historical monument constructed in 1845 features beautiful decorations and an exhibition about the Holocaust in Romania.
  • The HOLY UNION TEMPLE ( interior visit )    which  houses  the Jewish History Museum
  • The museum covers the history of Jews in Romania, including a small collection of paintings by Romanian Jewish painters and a collection of ritual Jewish objects.
  • The JEWISH  STATE  THEATRE  – founded some 140 years ago as a theatre. You will see  the theater (exterior ) and hear the story of this great cultural institution. During the war, when Jewish actors were not allowed to play in Romanian theaters, they were allowed to play here in the so-called ‘Barasheum’, under certain conditions.

+  UNIQUE  SIGHTS  / some  of  the  synagogues  off  the  beaten track PRESENTED BY  OUR WELL EXPERIENCED TOUR GUIDES

  • THE BEIT HAMIDRASH SYAGOGUE the oldest of all Bucharest’s Jewish places of worship, originally dating back to the late 18th-century
  • Three buildings which once hosted the most famous Jewish inns and its interior courtyards
  • Two buildings which once hosted famous  Jewish Banks

and a  brief architectural tour including the most impressive buildings from Bucharest , designed by Jewish Architects with Traditionalst,Art Deco,Modernist and even Gothic style


Tour Duration : aprox 2 hours 30 minutes

Starting time : between 09 :00 and 10 : 30 except for Friday starting at 09 00

Operating days :  Daily except  Saturday                                                               

Meeting place / Pick up : in the Jewish District (place to be advised)

Upon request the tour guide cand meet you in the hotel lobby and take a taxi to the Jewish district    

End of the tour : in the Jewish District      


for 1 paying person = 90 Euros / person
for 2 paying persons = 45 Euros / person

for 3 paying persons = 40 Euros / person

for 4 paying persons = 35 Euros / person

for 5 paying persons = 30 Euros / person

for 6 paying persons = 25 Euros / person
The prices do not include the following entrance fees / donations per person that the syangogues kindly ask from the tourists :
– The Choral Temple = 15 RON/person = 3,2 EUR/person

– The Great Synagogue / Holocaust Museum = 15 RON/person = 3,2 EUR/person –

– The Holy Union Temple / Jewish History Museum = 15 RON/person = 3,2 EUR/person


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