This tour will take you to the former Jewish quarter of Bucharest, which was partially demolished during the 1980s.

We will begin our tour in the Jewish Museum housed in a beautiful former synagogue from 1836, the Holy Union Temple. The museum covers the history of Jews in Romania, including a small collection of paintings by Romanian Jewish painters and a collection of ritual Jewish objects.

Our tour takes us further to the Great Synagogue from 1845, a historical monument. The synagogue features beautiful decorations and an exhibition about the Holocaust in Romania. You will have the opportunity to find out more about this chapter of Romania’s history.

Close to the Great Synagogue lies the State Jewish Theater. It was founded some 140 years ago as a theatre. You will see inside the theater and hear the story of this great cultural institution. During the war, when Jewish actors were not allowed to play in Romanian theaters, they were allowed to play here in the so-called ‘Barasheum’, under certain conditions.

After a further stroll through the former Jewish quarter, you will visit the Choral Temple, the main synagogue of Bucharest. It was built in Moorish style between 1864-1866. The Leopolstädter Temple, once the greatest synagogue of Vienna, which was destroyed during the Kristallnacht on November, 10th 1938, served as a model for the Choral Temple.

Your tour includes afterwards additional sights making it  UNIQUE !

  • One abandoned (not in use anymore) synagogue
  • The building which once hosted the Jewish inn and its interior courtyard
  • Two buildings which once hosted famous  Jewish Banks  
  • A brief architectural tour including the most impressive buildings from Bucharest , designed by Jewish Architects with Traditionalst,Art Deco,Modernist and even Gothic style

At the end of the tour, the tour guide will give you further information about other Jewish sites that you may want to go and visit in your own time, but that are hard to reach on a walking tour.